• 3D Fringe App

    Brighton digital studio RamJam has created a 3D app that turns the 2016 Brighton Fringe brochure into an animated adventure! The app uses a phone’s camera and the latest in augmented reality to display computer-generated 3D scenes in real life, turning the brochure into an interactive, magical world.


    The front cover, which shows an Alice in Wonderland breakfast featuring a magician’s top hat and rabbit, the Brighton wheel, balloons, musical notes and the i360, becomes a moving feast for the senses when viewed through the app. Hidden games and surprises are littered throughout the brochure. Look for pages marked with the ‘see this in 3D logo’ to reveal kittens who need saving, a car race, the West Pier singed onto a piece of toast and more.

    Tom Jackson, RamJam’s Creative Director, said: “Having enjoyed Brighton Fringe over the years we were excited to have the opportunity to design the front cover and 3D app. We tried to incorporate as many hidden things as we could – you can take a ride on the Brighton wheel or watch the i360 go up and down the side of the cafetiere, squash the sauces, knock down the RamJam logo, add sugar cubes to the coffee and run your fingers through spilt orange juice.”

    Could this be the future for fringe brochures?

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