• A Curious Incident

    I was at a preview of Farinelli and the King earlier this week (I will review once it is open but suffice to say for now 5 stars seems barely adequate) and there was a curious incident.

    Tickets for Farinelli and the kingThe staging at the Duke of York’s includes seating areas as part of the set (think Hogarth’s paintings of The Beggar’s Opera) and the lighting is (mostly) candles. It can get quite warm!

    Well, one of the audience members in the on-stage seating area fainted … Mark Rylance (the loopy King) saw this happen over his Queen’s shoulder and, without breaking character, took the hand of his Queen and asked if “some of the men could help this lady”. Pausing the action, but with the whole cast still completely engaged with their roles, he commented to the audience that we could pause while she was being seen to (actually by the doctor who had been sitting in front of me in the Royal Circle and who I’m glad to say took it on himself to rush out and volunteer his services).

    Once Mark was satisfied that all was under control he just said “Is it ok if we continue now? I think we can continue” – and so they did.  Mark’s calm and quiet manner throughout was highly professional and as a result the magic of theatre remained unbroken for audience and cast alike. Respect.

    p.s. the person who fainted was ok from what I heard the doctor tell his companions on his return …

    p.p.s I review the seat  I was in on SeatPlan, a fascinating service. Sadly I could not review the two audience members who chatted throughout or the woman in front taking pictures.

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