• Those damned phones again

    Ban phones from theatres!On Broadway at least, and to an increasing extent over here, the mobile phone is becoming the bane of theatre life. Following on from our previous blog, it is now reported that Patti LuPone has been reduced to removing the phone from an audience member during a performance of “Shows for Days” – see the New York Times report. She did it without breaking character, as a part of her performance, but I can only imagine the frustration and anger that drove her that far.

    Why cannot people turn off their phones BEFORE entering the auditorium and leave them off until AFTER they leave! It really isn’t that much to ask. Having a phone ring, or even just buzz/vibrate, is distracting. Texting is distracting. Sharing something on screen with your partner is distracting. Your screen glowing bright white in your hand, or even pocket is very distracting.

    Basically, phones and theatres do not mix!

    If something in your life is so important that you cannot be out of contact for the duration of a show, then do not go. The people around you have paid for their tickets and it is not for you to ruin their evening. The people on stage have put considerable time and effort into their performance and it is rude beyond belief to be so inconsiderate.

    I’m sorry that Patty LuPone had to do this … but I’m damned glad she did!

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