• Dismaland dismal ticket experience

    Dismaland ticketsToday the next batch of tickets for Dismaland went on sale at 10:00 – I was after two tickets to the Friday evening comedy slot and was all ready and prepared in time.

    At just after 10:00 I checked – the See Tickets servers were already operating a queue so I set off four browsers to wait, each was auto-refreshed (by See Tickets) every 20 seconds to try and find a slot. The browsers were checking the Friday 19:00 slot for me so that I could get straight in.

    After 35 minutes one of them kicked in. “No tickets available” … damn, missed them, I refreshed and a couple of attempts later the browser reported tickets available, I selected 2 rushed through the PayPal payment screens and hit confirm within a few seconds … only to be told “We’re really sorry but we appear to have run out of stock while you were paying” – oh come on See, you are a STAR member and should know better – if I can put them in my basket and pay within 20 seconds then I should get them …. or perhaps you were offering me something you did not have?!

    I refreshed a couple of time, “Tickets not available” …. then I refreshed and tickets were available, but a maximum of 2 … I grabbed them, rushed through PayPal and yet again was told that they had run out of stock whilst I was paying.


    This went on for another twenty minutes with me being told alternately that there were and were not tickets available but never being able to grab them. The queue started to die down, my browsers getting through regularly but now no tickets ever.

    A disappointing performance from a normally reliable ticket supplier …

    p.s by 11:00 many of the tickets were on eBay despite the resale being (a) banned on eBay (event tickets are prohibited) and (b) pointless as there is an ID check at the entrance …

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