• Dismaland Ticket Touting

    Really? Trying to resell tickets on eBay? How do they think that they can get away with it?

    eBay touting

    This is a ridiculous attempt to defraud the public and prevents genuine people gtting tickets. As they have only spent £5 each buying the tickets they wont care whether they resell them or not so there will be people unable to get in (attendance is limited). Selfish and stupid. Legitimate tickets can only be bought at the venue or on-line here through See (the link goes via a link shortener as the ticket page has already changed addresses once!).

    Anyone approaching Dismaland with an eTicket will be asked for ID to prove that they were the purchaser, resale of tickets is not allowed – and the tickets on the door are only £3 (on See tickets they are £5 to cover costs) …

    There are lots of stupid listings like this and the thing to do is report them, this is easy as eBay bans the resale of event tickets!

    The “report” button appears on the listing page
    and the report you need to enter is


    Let us get these parasites off the internet so that real people with a genuine interest can attend.

    Mind you, locally there have also been touts attempting to sell in the streets and also people selling “Dismaland Dollars” based on Disney Dollars – these are fake and worthless.

    I have no problem with people selling their programmes, wristbands, brochures, balloons and fishfinger prizes on-line, nor even copies of the Weston Mercury, but please stay away from these tickets.

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