• A Magic Mike Musical? Please, Save us From The Horror


    There’s been a lot of theatre news this week that has us quite excited, as well as some that makes us hang our heads in despair.

    Firstly, the news that Spring Awakening will return to Broadway, to be performed simultaneously in English as well as American sign language. This is the same Deaf West and Forest of Arden production that played at the Rosenthal theatre last year, and enjoyed a sell-out run. The original Broadway production won eight Tony Awards, and a return visit to the Great White Way will be very welcome.

    Another rumour that has been floating around for a while became more concrete this week, with the director of Magic Mike XXL, Gregory Jacobs, confirming that a Magic Mike musical will happen. He even went as far as to hint that the original cast members could appear on the stage.

    Really? Do we need this? We’ve already had to endure the hell of two films, not to mention the stage version of The Full Monty (and its audiences). Let’s be real, people will not flock to see this for the witty writing and beautiful songs. They’ll be going to scream as a bunch of guys take their tops off. Go to watch the Dreamboys if that’s what you’re after.

    Even the news that Darren Criss is fan favourite to join the musical cast won’t sway me this time. Magic Mike is one of the most mind-numbingly pathetic films out there. It exists solely to glorify male strippers and make middle-aged women giggle pathetically.

    Can you tell I hate it?

    Theatre should make you think, feel, dream, enjoy… not behave like you’re part of a hen party in Blackpool.

    Pinocchio is also rumoured to be heading to the stage. Combining elements of the 1940’s Disney film as well as scenes from the 1881 serialised story, The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collidi, the show could well appear at The National ready for Christmas 2016. While I am dead against the idea of a live-action film remake, I do feel a stage musical could work very well indeed.

    Finally, saving the best news until last…. Jim Broadbent is lined up to play Scrooge in A Christmas Carol at the Noel Coward Theatre this November. There is not a lot more to be said other than perfect casting news is perfect. What a joy!

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