• Mixing it up Bay City Rollers style

    RollermaniaWhilst they were not quite my era I am happy to see a Bay City Rollers reunion coming this autumn … but wait? Did “The Bay City Rollers” ever leave in the first place?

    Well, the original line-up split, and actually the reunion line-up is just three of the originals, but in the intervening years, Les McKeown has been keeping the name and music alive. Alive, if not stable, as the name appears to have become rather fluid.

    Even today, with the reunion all announced (and according to some “sold out”) if you put “Bay City Rollers” into Ticketmaster you will find

    • Bay City Rollers starring Les McKeown
    • Les McKeown’s Bay City Rollers
    • Les McKeown’s Legendary Bay City Rollers
    • Bay City Rollers (this is the one you’re probably looking for!)
    • Bay City Rollers starring Les McKeown

    Not a bad mix, but which one is which? As a listings company this is really, really important to us – we need to differentiate the reunion “Rollermania” tour from the Les McKeown tours that have preceded (and will no doubt follow) it … and if Ticketmaster can’t tell, and individual theatres get it wrong it looks like we’re in for a confusing time …

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