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    Open AuditionsThere is now a one-stop audition information service, completely free for life for all performers at WWW.OPENAUDITIONS.UK.

    This new initiative has been created to support actors that don’t necessarily have an agent, or know where to look for new Open Audition Information.

    Performers often have to pay a subscription, create a profile and keep it up to date, so we wanted to create a simple, one-stop platform that offers all the information for upcoming Open Audtions. No Profile. No subscription. No fuss. Just enter your email address to gain instant access to current castings, open to all performers, whether represented or not.

    Nicola Bryan, Editor of the Open Auditions website said “Gone is the time when Performers used to rush to the Newsagents to grab a copy of The Stage newspaper and flick to the back-pages to find out what was casting. In this age of instant information, we need a platform that can compile the information that’s out there already, into a simple, easy to use service.”

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