• Theatre in Shoreditch

    The Stage, not a theatre but a new development on the site of the remains of The Curtain Theatre has released an interactive cultural map of the Shoreditch area including sites of theatrical history and interest.

    Shoreditch Culture

    The inspiration for the creation of this cultural map by Galliard Homes came from the archaeological discovery of the remains of the Curtain Theatre. These remains date back to 1577 and have been uncovered some three metres below the surface of Galliard Homes’ newest development. The archaeological remains are of international significance and are believed to have been the venue for the premiere of William Shakespeare’s plays “Romeo and Juliet” and “Henry V”.

    Today, the Curtain Theatre is not only being painstakingly preserved, but transformed into a focal centrepiece, with its own amphitheatre and heritage pavilion ‐ a testimony to the unrivaled history of London, its regeneration, and to the rebirth of this site as a place to create, relate and live.

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