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    In a great new addition to the London theatre scene, Official London Theatre have worked with VoiceMap to bring you a Theatreland walking tour voiced by Sir Ian McKellen. Starting and ending at the TKTS booth in Leicester Square the tour will take you to all the major Theatreland venues.

    The tour works through an app on your Android or iPhone device – just download the free VoiceMap app and look for the “Theatreland Tour with Ian McKellen” guide under “London”.0

    Theatreland Walking Tour

    Here’s how they describe it on their webpage

    “Play the starring role in a tour of London’s historic West End with the help of British acting icon Ian McKellen. Taking you from theatre to theatre on a route from Leicester Square through to Covent Garden, Embankment and The Strand, McKellen will divulge secrets of the stage and tell the story of some of the capital’s most fascinating buildings.

    You’ll travel back in time to experience Theatreland as it was for actors and audiences 300 years ago, before electric lights and moving sets, when audiences showed their disapproval by throwing fruit at the stage. With McKellen as your guide, you’ll learn the stories of the actors, architects and managers who shaped this unique part of London, turning it from one of the city’s most disreputable slums to the glittering heart of British theatre.

    As you wind your way through the backstreets and alleyways of the West End, McKellen will recount fascinating stories from his illustrious career on the stage; his favourite venues, his least favourite performances and where he made his professional acting debut. A must for thespians and history lovers alike, this tour recounts the captivating story of London theatre and reveals the secrets of one of city’s most iconic districts.”

    Guided Tours …

    There are also guided walking tours of Theatreland available with an experienced Blue Badge Guide. Dates for 2016 are 3rd July, 4th September and 9th October all at 14:00. The guide is Diane Burstein and the walk includes a cream tea in the £18 charge. Pre-booking is essential.

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